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Скороговорки (английский)

Скороговорки (английский)


Why do you cry, Willy?
Why do you cry?
Why Willy, why Willy
Why Willy, why?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers
Peter Piper picked?

The seaman went to sea
To see what he could see.
But all that he could see
Was only sea, sea, sea.

She sells shells at the sea-shoe.

Betty Botter bought some butter
But she said that butter’s bitter
“If I put it in my batter
It would make my batter bitter
But a bit of better butter
That would make my batter better”
So she bought a bit of butter
Better than her bitter butter
And she put it in her batter
And the batter wasn’t bitter.
So’t was better Betty Botter
Bought a bit of better butter.

A black cat sat on a mat
And ate a fat rat.

-Each Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs.

-She sells sea shells on the seashore.
The seashells she sells are seashells she is sure.

-Nine nice night nurses nursing nicely.
-I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

-How much ground would a groundhog hog, if a groundhog could hog ground? A groundhog would hog all the ground he could hog, if a groundhog could hog ground.

-Wunwun was a racehorse, Tutu was one too. Wunwun won one race, Tutu won one too.

-Send toast to ten tense stout saints' ten tall tents.

-We surely shall see the sun shine shortly.

-A fly and a flea in a flue
Were imprisoned, so what could they do?
"Let us fly," said the flea
"Let us flee,"said the fly
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

-How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
He would chuck, he would, as much as he could,
And chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would
If a woodchuck could chuck wood

Big black bugs bleed blue black blood but baby black bugs bleed blue blood.

There once was a man who had a sister, his name was Mr. Fister. Mr. Fister's sister sold sea shells by the sea shore. Mr. Fister didn't sell sea shells, he sold 'silk sheets'. Mr. Fister told his sister that he sold six silk sheets to six shiekhss. The sister of Mr. Fister said I sold six shells to six shiekhs too!

The big black bug bit the big black bear, and the big black bear bit the big black bug back!

-Am I and Amy aiming anemic anemonies on my many enemies?
-A tidy tiger tied a tie tighter to tidy her tiny tail.
-Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought better butter to make the bitter butter better.
-Any noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more. Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
-With stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
He thrusts his fist against the posts
And still insists he sees the ghosts.

-I saw Esau kissing Kate.
Fact is, we all three saw.
I saw Esau, he saw me,
And she saw I saw Esau.

-Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager
managing an imaginary menagerie?

-I'm the son of a pheasant plucker,
A pheasant plucker am I.
I'm only plucking pheasants
Till the pheasant plucker comes

-Silly Sally swiftly shooed seven silly sheep.
The seven silly sheep Silly Sally shooed
shilly-shallied south.
These sheep shouldn't sleep in a shack;
sheep should sleep in a shed.

-Keenly cleaning copper kettles.

-The Leith police dismisseth us
They thought we sought to stay;
The Leith police dismisseth us
They thought we'd stay all day.
The Leith police dismisseth us,
We both sighed sighs apiece;
And the sighs that we sighed as we said goodbye
Were the size of the Leith police.

Give me the gift of a grip-top sock,
A clip drape shipshape tip top sock.
Not your spinslick slapstick slipshod stock,
But a plastic, elastic grip-top sock.
None of your fantastic slack swap slop
From a slap dash flash cash haberdash shop.
Not a knick knack knitlock knockneed knickerbocker sock
With a mock-shot blob-mottled trick-ticker top clock.
Not a supersheet seersucker rucksack sock,
Not a spot-speckled frog-freckled cheap sheik's sock
Off a hodge-podge moss-blotched scotch-botched block.
Nothing slipshod drip drop flip flop or glip glop
Tip me to a tip top grip top sock.

Once upon a barren moor
There dwelt a bear, also a boar,
The bear could not bear the boar,
The bear thought the boar was a bore.
At last the bear could bear no more
That boar that bored him on the moor.
And so one morn he bored the boar-
That boar will bore no more!

A Tutor who tooted a flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to their tutor,
"Is it harder to toot
Or to tutor two tooters to toot?"

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