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Ecological problems and environmental protection

Ecological problems and environmental protection


My paper is devoted to the theme of the global ecological catastrophes and

the environmental protection. I am giving a review of various global

problems such as “Greenhouse effect”. The aim of my project is to show

and explain how ecological catastrophes navel our life and and what

consequence they.

The sources of my work are:

. Scientific books and newspapers

. Numerous internet data

My project consists of the following parts: Introduction, 3 chapters,

conclusion, reference list.

. Chapter 1 “Ecological situation nowadays” – deals with global ecological

problems such as air, water pollution etc.

. Chapter 2 “Global warming” – is devoted to a problem of a global warming

called “greenhouse effect”.

. Chapter 3 “Pressure groups” –contains in formation about different

pressure groups such as “Greenpeace” etc.

. Conclusion.

. Reference list.

I suppose that the topic I choose is very actual nowadays and I hope that

it will contribute to our knowledge and will also have a practical

inplimintation in the class.


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